Peripheral Venous Access (UPVA)


UPVA Written Exam

The IP candidate must log in to their CPoCUS account to attempt the exam.

The candidate's Name and Email will fill automatically from the CPoCUS account. Adjust fields as needed.

Exam results will be emailed to the candidate and include exam score and questions answered incorrectly.

Exam scores will be emailed to the examiner if the Examiner Email field is completed.

The examiner must enter the password to start the exam. The examiner must be present for the duration of the exam. The exam is closed book.

Written Exam - Combined modules


UPVA Visual Exam and Practical Exam

This section is for examiners only.

The examiner may choose one or more exams from the modules below.

Visual Exam: the examiner must first download the Answer key then play the Presentation to assess the candidate.

Practical Exam: the examiner must download the Practical exam to assess the candidate.

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