Bladder Basics (BLADDER)


All forms of cheating on certification exams are strictly prohibited
Cheating can lead to loss of certification and reporting to the relevant academic institution or medical regulatory body

BLADDER Written Exam

This section is for examiners and IP candidates.

The examiner must enter the password below to start the online exam. 

The examiner must be present for the duration of the exam. The exam is closed book.

The IP candidate will receive the exam results by email upon completion of the test.

The examiner can receive the exam results by email upon request (click icon to submit request).

Written Exam - Combined modules

All examination questions are based on the curriculum.


BLADDER Visual Exam and Practical Exam

This section is for examiners only.

Visual Exam: the examiner must first download the Answer key then play the Presentation to assess the candidate.

Practical Exam: the examiner must download the Practical Exam to assess the IP candidate. Scans performed during the Practical Exam can be counted towards the IP candidate's 'Logged scan requirements'.

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